My Feeble Attempts at Fictions.
Sunday, 29 May, 2011

Game of Cards

'What if Amar gets to know?' Binita said in a hush voice while collecting bed sheet and wrapping it around herself. 
'He wont. he is too busy ogling at other women.' replied Chetan curtly. 
'You must get dressed Chetan. Amar must be on his way back home. Dint he say he will be back in an hour or so?' Binita started getting dressed.
'I guess he must be busy in rest room shaking himself. He is not too fortunate to get hooked up in a page three types dinner.' Said Chetan while getting back into his pants.
Binita let a giggle out while doing her hair after satisfactorily checking her saree drape in the mirror.

They were just eating when the door bell rang and Binita opened the door for Amar. She greeted him with a welcoming smile.
 'Looks like you guys had a good game of rummy while I was away.' Amar said playfully looking at the deck of the cards placed on the living room table. 
'Yes, I won. Thrice.' Chetan said sarcatically looking at Binita who gave him a cunning smile. 

'I must leave now and give you and Binita some lone time my friend. Also, Diya must be getting bored at home alone.' Chetan decided to clean behind his back after another game of rummy.
'Thanks for keeping Binita company Chetan. She feels lonely at home while I am away at these business meetings.' Amar shook Chetan's hand and they both hugged like friends.

While driving back to home, Chetan thought about his best friend Amar and his super sexy wife Binita. How rude of Amar to ignore a beautiful woman like Binita alone and not taking her care. When I can read her unsatisfied needs in her eyes, why cant Amar? For a minute, his consious gave him a hard time when he thought about the game he was playing with his best friend and cheating on his wife, but then he thought it was not going to be permanent. Some day or the other, both Binita and him are going to end it. Amar and Diya would never know about it. 

He parked the car in the basement and walked towards the lift to his apartment. 

'Namaste sa'ab' the lift man greeted him as he pressed the button which would take Chetan to his home.
'Namaste Farukh. How are you? When did you come back from the village?' Chetan was pleased to see Farukh back.
'Bas sa'ab, Yesterday only. It was my sister's wedding.' Farukh was rubbing khaini on his palm with his thumb.
'Acha acha. Did someone come to see me today while I was away?' Asked Chetan out of habit.
'Haan sa'ab, Amar sa'ab came. I told him you were not at home, he decided to wait for you but then, he left some half an hour ago.' Farukh said chattily.
Chetan went numb. Farukh shook him to say his floor had arrived. 

Chetan rang the door bell. Diya opened the door. She looked unusually happy. 

'Farukh said Amar came?' enquired Chetan from his beautiful wife.
'Yes, we played a game of Rummy while he waited for you. He won. Thrice.' Diya pointed towards the deck of cards neatly placed on the table.

Chetan smiled at his wife and his luck.

Saturday, 21 May, 2011

Dead People Inc.

'I need blood.'
'It's too early.'
'I'm hungry'
'You just ate a whole rabbit'
'Mom, I am growing'
'You are growing to be too expensive. Soon, you'll get us all killed.'
'Mom, we are already dead.'
'Yes, I know. What if the humans discover us?'
'Mom, you are behaving like a sissy human mother, they need to be scared of us. We don't need to be afraid of them.'
'I just want you safe.'
'Really? Ho many times do we have to have the same conversation before you actually stop worrying? And Human think their worries end with their life.'
'All right, I got a squirrel in the store. You can have it for now. Don't ask for anything for another day.'
'Thanks Mom. You're the best.'