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Wednesday, 30 December, 2009

Reality Check

She hit him hard in the face.
All she felt was rage.
How shallow could he get.
What about the vow to stand by her side?

How could he tell her to kill his own daughter growing inside her womb?

P.S. Save the girl child.

Sunday, 20 December, 2009

Forever...- The Conclusion

Time was lingering, weaving them together more tightly. They became inseparable.

It was their third semester and Rohan was among the first few people to get placed.
He got a nice package in an MNC and locally. He was very happy and even happier was Amrita. She too was looking forward for her placement besides her families' pressure of not appearing for them, they wanted to get her married in a decent family as soon as possible as they still dint know of Rohan and her relationship. She dint want to tell them by the time her final semester was over. She was trying every hook and crook to keep her parents from getting her engaged, reasoning them that she wanted to work for sometime and not waste her education.

Happy too had been placed in retail sector and he was over excited to have friends and a job that payed well.

Their last semester approached and it was time to bid adieu to the college. Rohan joined his job and Amrita too found a job in a bank through her father's reference. They had decided to announce their relationship after an year of their respective careers. They knew Amrita's family would have problems initially, but a Little effort will calm them down ultimately.

They were both happy. Rohan was now earning and helping his working mother to get some rest. Amrita was now feeling independent and assuming her responsibilities towards Rohan's family. She knew Rohan's partnership is not going to be a bed of roses for her as she was used to a leisure life but she wanted to be with him and was ready for anything that came in their way.

And something did come in their way. It had just been a few months of their blooming careers when Rohan met with an unfortunate accident that took his right arm.

Amrita did not lose her strength, she stood by him all the time in the hospital, she quit her job, took his care, made him eat, washed him, talked to him, consoled him, and most of all loved him.
Rohan was astonished at her perseverance.

One day at the hospital when she could not control and broke down in Rohan's presence.

"Amrita thanks for everything you have done for me. I will be indebted to you forever for loving me to this extent, but now since I am incapable and handicapped, please go and don't spoil your life." Rohan turned his face away.

Amrita was stunned to hear all this.
All she could manage to reply was "Rohan, had I lost my arm, would you have left me??" and she walked out of the room.

He felt guilty and ashamed. When she came back in the evening to see him, he said he was sorry for what he said. Amrita gave him her brightest of smiles and just said "Rohan, some relationships are forever"...

P.S. As I said, this is a true incident happened to my friends. And I really am charmed by their fairy tale love story. By God's grace, they are now engaged to be married in next February.

Tuesday, 15 December, 2009

Forever- II

There was an instant bonding between Rohan and Amrita. Happy was happy to be their friend. Being a topper, he had hardly had any friends.

Rohan made them go for movies, Amrita made them eat and Happy forced them to attend the lectures. The trio was happening and studying both together.

While Rohan was a chatter box, Amrita was a listener. He used to go talking for hours and Amrita would listen to him very patiently. He would tell her about his ambitions, his dreams, his plans, his family and what not and Amrita would lend him an ear, she was turning out to be a vessel Rohan could empty himself into.

Their connection was getting stronger with every passing day.

Rohan dint tell Amrita of the attraction he felt towards her but he never failed to convey her that she was his closest friend.

He was aware of the huge social distance between the two families and he was afraid of the status Amrita's father had in the city. She came from a renowned family while Rohan was an ordinary middle class guy who had the responsibilities of a father-less family. Amrita too was sensitive to the consequences of their relationship of more than friendship.

Each day brought them closer. Amrita would look forward to each new day to see Rohan and discover yet another aspect of his versatile personality. She found him a friend, a buddy, a very lively person who could see her soul through her eyes.

Second semester approached and the college trip was announced to Shimla.

They were both eager for the trip as they knew deep down that their intimacy will certainly grow during the outing.
Happy too was excited, for this time he had friends to accompany him.

It was the second day of the trip.

Rohan and Happy were ready for the outing and they dashed into Amrita 's room.

'I am not feeling well guys, I am staying back at the hotel, you should go ahead with others for the excursion.' Amrita said in a sleepy tone, she was ducked in the blanket.

'I am staying with Amrita' Rohan said to Happy.

'Its time you should tell her about your feelings' whispered Happy in Rohan ears and marched out of the room shouting back to Amrita 'I am not letting you spoil my day, and you get well till the time I come back or I kill you.'

'He is a fool' smiled Rohan at Amrita as he walked towards her.

While they talked this and that, Amrita felt an unusual uneasiness in Rohan's behaviour.

'What is bothering you?' she shot at him.

Rohan dint say anything, he just lay his head in Amrita's lap. She knew this had to happen, she answered by keeping her head and holding on to his back. Nothing was said, and nothing was left unsaid. They were both absorbed into each other and noting else mattered at that moment. The corners of their eyes went wet. They were together into a relationship that would last 'forever'.

Next and most probably the concluding part coming soon..

Sunday, 13 December, 2009

Forever.. The Pilot

‘I must run or I am gonna be late for the first class’ Rohan thought to himself as he pulled out the stand of his bike in the parking area on the first day of hid Post grad.

As he reached the classroom, he was panting. To his relief, the class had not started yet. He walked inside the class room and neared one of the most nerd looking guy. ‘I should befriend nerd guys to make sure I study to cover up for my grad results.’ He patted his own back for this smart thought though for one second he was thinking of fun he would be missing devoting all is time to studies.

'Hi! I am Rohan, did my B.Tech from SRG College.' He held out his hand towards that guy. ‘I am Happy Sharma, B.Tech University topper' the reply came as happy shook hands with Rohan. He was amazed to look at Rohan. He had an air of mischief.
Can I sit with you?’ Rohan asked Happy. ‘Ok, only if you can keep your mouth shut during the lecture’ said Happy.

Rohan was about to say something, but then decided not to and fell on the bench besides Happy. ‘If you need to get a good job, you have to kill the happiness inside yourself Rohan and study’ he scolded himself.

Only then, he was awestruck at an innocent face entering the class Rohan could not take his eyes off her. Those curly eye lashes, those silky hair reaching the waist of her jeans. So simple and yet so beautiful… And she smiled at him. ‘Could someone just jinx you with their smile?’ he was wondering smiling back at her as she approached him.

‘Hi! I am Amrita’, that melodious voice was enchanting him even more.
He is Rohan and I am Happy- University Topper in B.Tech’ and Happy stretched out his hand towards Amrita before Rohan could reply. She took Happy’s hand and shook so warmly, Rohan could feel envy growing inside him.

Amrita held out hand towards Rohan too and he took it, only managing a ‘Hi!’

His spell was only broken with a clearing of throat by the professor while entering the class.
‘Welcome class to the first day of your Diploma in Business Management…’ Rohan could concentrate only this much to the professor as he failed to not notice Amrita sitting on the next bench.

Next Part coming soon..

P.S. This is not just another ordinary love story, but inspired from a true incidence.

Wednesday, 9 December, 2009

Lost in Transit..

"Sagar, there is some problem with this report. I dont know what, but this doesnt seem to all right. Come over and take a look."
Ruhi still looks cute when she scratches her head trying to analyse something. Thought Sagar.
He stood up and moved across the desk towards her while she still was focusing on the laptop screen. He bent down close to her face, removed her spectacles "Enough for today. You look so confused and stressed. Relax. Wanna dance?" He asked her.
"Dance? now?" she looked at him in surprise. He took her hand and played their favorite song on her laptop which she had a shortcut of on her desktop.

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you're far away and dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing
Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream will never do
I'd still miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing

He pulled her close and whispered into her ear "Marry me".
She freed herself from his grip, and fell on the chair staring at nothingness.
"What happened? Did I say something wrong?" he was not expecting such a reaction.
"I do not want to get into a relationship of sympathy." She replied curtly.
"Come on Ruhi. This is not sympathy. I am so used to you that I can't even imagine myself without you around." He was comforting her.
"I do not want to get into a relationship of convenience either."
"What are you saying Ruhi? You know we are in love since times immemorial."
"I still love Varun."
"I am not asking you to forget him. I know he always will be a part of your memories. But life doesn't stop. You have to move on."
"I can't move away from Varun's memories."

"But he is no more there and I want you to be a part of my life forever."

"Sagar, give a second thought to what you just said. You have been talking about yourself. You are used to me. You can't imagine your life without me. You want me to be a part of your life. It is all about you. Where am I in it? This is the difference in Varun and You. He taught me that love is giving without expecting. He was there to hold my hand when I was all alone. That unfortunate accident snatched him away. But I still feel him around myself. I see him when I look at Sameeksha."

"I will take care of Sameeksha as Varun would have. You know I love her, and she too is fond of me."
"But you can never be Varun, you can never be her father."
"Ruhi... We grew up together. And we have loved each other since we understood this emotion. I know I was at fault when I went away for my degree. That is when you met Varun. But now, things are back to square one. Varun was a blow of refreshing air who passed away. And I love you. Still. I do not see what has changed."

"Changed? Nothing will ever change. I could not ever return him the selfless love he adorned me with. I can't return him what he gave me in those 2 years even if I loved him my whole life. I say no to your proposal Sagar. I opt out. The way you opted out of me when you went away. Do you know why Sameeksha is so fond of you? It is biological. She is not Varun's Biological daughter." Ruhi snapped.

She could see Sagar floating into nothingness.

She collected her bag and marched out of the office she and Sagar shared, closing the door behind her..

Sunday, 6 December, 2009

Encounter With Life

Ah, a break!! Riya thought, none to company with, 'let me treat myself a shopping spree and a coffee, I'll have a cafe-shopping day'.

It was Diwali, and after constant working of hours she had lost count of, she had a free time of her office when all her colleagues and employees had vacated the office to proceed for a Diwali furlough. She looked at her office, the result of her profound toil and effort of 10 years that took to establish her own export house. No regrets she thought, Gratified enough.

Spirited, as she entered an air conditioned shopping mall, her eyes struck on a man- tall, lean and handsome- busy with his shopping at the far corner. She could not believe what she was seeing.

Stopping herself from running, shrieking, she called out reaching that man and engaging him in a bear hug "OhmyGod, Ani.. Is it you? Where have you been all these years?"

Awestruck, he spared himself from the embrace to have a look who was this girl. Recognizing the strange look in his eyes, she said "Its me, Riya. Didn't you recognize me?"
"Riya? Riya Arora? You look so.. different." he mumbled with a managed smile.
"I always have", Riya found herself chuckling back at him when she noticed a tall, pretty and happening and all girl standing by his side with a stern look in her eyes.
And Ani too realized the air getting thicker and addressed that unidentified girl "Ishita, she is Riya, a... long lost friend... and Riya meet Ishita, my wife."
"Oh hi!" Riya said in a tone so friendly, "Ani and I have been long lost friends".
"And I thought only I called you Ani" added Ishita in an arrogant diction.
"Aniket, I meant, so what has been up with your life? Got so much to catch up.." was all Riya could manage.
"Yeah, I have been fine enough, into my own venture and married for 2 years now, see... She makes a lovely wife", Aniket pointed out Ishita when she left them chatting for trying another outfit.
"Yeah, I can make that out." Riya replied, she had sensed an air of uneasiness in Ani's voice. She always did, she thought gloomily.
"How have you been? What are you up to these days?" Ani shot at Riya.
"Just usual stuff, busy with work and all, I have finally set up my drem-export-house if you remember" Riya told him with a swell of pride in her eyes and a hint of sarcasm.
"Oh that's great, really nice. How about personal stuff??" He shot back with growing stiffness.
"Yeah, Mom dad are doing just fine, and Kunal- my brother, he is settled in USA." she replied coolly.
"Hun, we are getting late, remember we gotta go to the Verma's party?" Ishita's voice rang from far behind in Riya's ears.
"Just coming sweetie" Ani responded back.
"It was really nice seeing you Ani...Ket, your wife is waiting." Riya said.
"Same here. Bbye, See you around" and he left, he turned and waived a hand at Riya with a smile.
Riya too returned a faint smile, she stood there, watching him leave, 'see me around when he didn't even bother to exchange contact numbers'.

The flashes of past came rushing to her mind as if a movie was being played in fast forward.
Aniket, Ani and she had been friends since times immemorial. They had grown up together, tearing each others hair, teasing hell out of each other, soothing each other, consoling each other.

More than a friendship was blooming within, they realized, when they were knocking towards their youth. Their first brushes against each other, their first kiss, the night when she lay in his arms as her lover- possessing him and being possessed. She stood there, seeing past, scene by scene being played in the memory lane.

She was over with her academics and could not decide what to do next, when one fine day, Ani broke the news that he was going abroad, for further studies. She never asked the silly question 'and what about us?', she just understood.

But they were part time lovers and full time friends. They would talk everyday, they would talk about the hell stuff , about home- how he missed it, about lot more things. But with time lingering, the busy-ness crept in, and gradually, the everyday turned into often, often into rare ending up they lost contact.

She waited with a hope of him returning back to her, jumped into work, jerked everything other off her life and gave everything to her dream- her own export house. And how successful she was. And how empty...

Not that she did not have the opportunities, she was pretty, vibrant, successful and talk of the town. Who did not want to win her? Her colleagues, associates, clients asked her out. But she ignored. All of them. For a ray of hope, that had survived kindling inside her for these looong 10 years.. That same hope which died today in the encounter with life..

May God bestow his best of blessings on you Ani and Ishita, she wished as she turned away, startling at the call of her name from a distant place.
"Hey Riya"
She turned around to find out a business associate who had become a friend as well over the years.
"Hey Abhay" she said with a wry smile.
"What, of all the places are you doing here? and aloof?" Abhay demanded.
"Making up my mind for a re-incarnation at 35. What say?" she joked back.
"You already look stunning dear lady, you do not need a make-over I believe." Abhay bantered.
"Aww you mean guy, you know how I despise flattery." Riya continued.
"Do you mind even a coffee Damsel!" Abhay said.
"The treat has to be mine, I am the one who is going for re-incarnation" she replied.
"Your wish is my command ma'am" he bragged.
Riya held onto Abhay's outstretched hand and marched towards a new life.
With a new hope...