My Feeble Attempts at Fictions.
Thursday, 16 June, 2011

Full Moon

Dear Diary,
The full moon is amazingly beautiful. The cold breeze is complimenting the perfect weather. Her hair swagging around with the air has left me awestruck. She looks breath-takingly stunning tonight. I know why I love her so much. I know why she invited me for a night out at this abandoned hill. The way she is looking at me, I guess I am going to get lucky tonight. She has decided to be with me. Tonight, we'll lay together on the ground and watch the stars. I am going to tell her about constellations and she will be impressed. Her eyes look so enchanting, she might just as well hypnotize me. I am writing this down so that I can show her later that I am not just into her physical self, but her self as the person.

Bye for now, she needs my attention more than you.


This was the excerpt from the diary of the man found dead in the woods last night. The dairy was spotted by a policeman near his body. He has been identified as Vibhut Khurana, a leading industrialist of the town. The postmortem reports say that Mr. Khurana was killed by a wolf. Many chunks of skin from his body have been eaten. The question now is, if he was with a woman last night, where did the woman go? Does she know about the kill? Is she a witness? Did she flea away scared or was she too killed by the wolf? The hunch by the police is that the woman too, was dragged deep into the forest by the wolf and there could have been more than one wolves out there.


She pressed the button of the remote to switch the TV off and bit into chunk of Vibhut's skin.