My Feeble Attempts at Fictions.
Sunday, 18 April, 2010

Teenage Diaries- The Finale

Dear Diary,

Shock! This is what I would define this day. All these days have been no less than disturbing. With the arrival of Nitin Sahney came a Tsunami in my life that does not seem to clam down.
When Mumma told me he was not my father, I was kind of relieved. But now that I know who actually he is, I think I hate him more than anything.

15 years of my life. I have been blessed to have the best mother in the world. And today she comes and tells me that she is not my mother. Why? Why did she have to tell that to me?

I went into a state of shock when yesterday she told me that.
Nitin Sahney is the man responsible for bringing me to life. He impregnated my biological mother and fled off because he was not ready for a family. The biological mother too gave up on me when I was born to her best friend who wanted to bring me up and she did take care of me for 15 yrs until Mr. Sahney wanted his legacy back.
Mumma wants me to decide whether I wanted my biological father or her. I decide to stay with her because she is the one I have known to be my own all these years.

No person in the world, blood or marriage can make me give her up. That is because she decided to mother me when my own mother left me.

I love you Mumma.

TTYL Diary.