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Friday, 22 April, 2011

Since We Are Being Honest...

When I said I was going to remember you when you are gone, I meant it. Because I thought you will be gone before it is time for me to move on. But somehow, you stayed single. But I have to move on. 
I have been waiting for your reaction. I wanted you to react loud and give 'us' a closure, so that I can escape my guilt of leaving you midway. Also, somewhere down, I wanted badly you to beg me to be by your side because I wanted to reject you. 

Why on the face of Earth you haven't said anything? Why, are you okay that I am moving on and you are still out there alone? Did I miss anything? Did I miss seeing you gone?

This has taken my peace away. I have been trying too hard to be mean with you, to provoke you. I know you know it deep down, that I am frustrated because of your 'coolness' about this issue.

May be you are doing this on purpose. To make me feel bad. 

I guess you have every right to...

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