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Friday, 16 December, 2011


The adolescence was bidding goodbye. Our play dates were changing into secret meetings.
A whiff of cold March air blew my hair on my face when our lips met behind the oak tree that day.

He asked me how I felt like.

I don't know, I said.

He agreed to keep our kisses secret until I found out how I felt about them. I felt good.

He wasn't anything like those assholes in school. Kissing someone secretly and moving around with some hot girl for public display.
He smiled at me every time our eyes met, which happened often during the school hours and after school hours.

Our secret meetings continued, with kisses or without.

He handed me over my first job contract outside the school that day.

If you're going to get me a good job, you have to give me a good kiss before that. I said. He smiled.

Our kisses, and our meetings weren't secret anymore.

P.S. This is reproduction of a dream I had early morning today. :)

P.P.S: Written for Nimue's Months of the Year Challenge

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Anonymous said...

this is such beautiful write ... I had dimple smile :) :)

Lady Whispers said...

Just so beautiful a dream :)

You are one magical writer :)

Deepak Yadav said...

Really sweet,
I see the taste of your dreams, job for a kiss. :D

Ali Adnan said...

that is just beautiful !
I would say one of your bests :)

Anonymous said...

wow..... u r such an awesome writer :) <3

Nimue said...

cute and sweet !
Indeed you are a magical writer lady !!