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Wednesday, 13 January, 2010

Teenage Diaries

Dear Diary,

Today was my best birthday ever. Mumma woke me up with a nice smelling cup of coffee and huge poster of Robert Pattinson and a set of the Twilight series. At times I feel awkward talking to her about my admiration for the Edward Cullen's' character. But she says I am her friend, so I can share anything with her.
Sukriti and Tanay were here as expected to wish me birthday and escort me to school. I love them both. To my wonder, Tanay had brought a bunch of Tulips for me, I was expecting chocolates as always. And why did he tremble today while kissing me on my left cheek? We have grown up pulling each others' hair and teasing each other and now all of sudden this hesitation?

Everyone in school says that he is my boy friend. Does he too think the same?
School was good. Obviously, gone are the days of dressing up in casuals and distributing sweets, but yeah, Canteen treat is fun. Whole class was there. Sandeep sir came too. He gave me "How to kill a Mocking Bird." Does he have any idea that I like him?

Mumma kept her promise and was there to pick me after school. She took me, Tanay and Sukriti fro Lunch at Yo! China and some shopping later on. How we love Chinese food. I still have that ear to ear grin as I write this.

The biggest surprise was rather waiting at home. Mumma finally succeeded to make me keep a mobile phone. She bought me Samsung Corby Pink. I could not say no. hehe.. She says she wants to stay connected to me where ever I was.. Sukriti says moms are like that only.

Bade Mumma would be here any time with my favorite chocolate cake. She bakes the most delicious cakes in the world.

I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world to have the loved ones love me so much and have all my wishes fulfilled. Except one. When will I know where my dad is..

And the door bell rings.

TTYL Diary.


P.S. This series is first person presentation of a teenage girl. The excerpts from her diary. A total new venture I am exploring. Next part coming soon..

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ANWESA said...

I love this series...felt like a teen for a few moments..Waiting for the next part.

Aditya Nandode said...

Unusual stuff, twist in tale, never expected that last line, thought it was ur old diary with new stuff in it at first! I liked it!

Tushar said...

eagerly waiting for the next part.

And the guy is really the boyfriend rite?

Anonymous said...

I love your series! Always keeping me at the edge of my seat :D

яノςんム said...

@ Anwesa,
tnx :) soon :)

яノςんム said...

@ Adi,
lol no.. total total fiction..

яノςんム said...

@ Tushar,
:O look who is here..

i myself dunno if he turns out to be the boy frnd or not.. :D

яノςんム said...

@ Ki,
awwww. :) really good to see u here?

The Bald Guy said...

Darn it and I thought I missed your birthday!


яノςんム said...

@ The Bald Guy,
lol i am no ways a teen ager..

Anonymous said...
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яノςんム said...

@ Pratsie,
thnx :)
its good to see u here :)

@nks said...

Yes !! I've been right all along ... Twilight is totally a hot favorite among girls... of course teenagers.

BTW ... naice story. I donno why protagonist keeps reminding me of Anna Frank.

яノςんム said...

Anna Frank? Well, I havent read tht.. so it is totally totally my own.. But if u r comparing me to the classic, really it is a huge compliment :)