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Wednesday, 27 January, 2010

Teenage Diaries- II

Dear Diary,
Something strange happened today. Tanay and I were out for shopping in the mall waiting for Sukriti at CCD. Sukriti had to join us there only. As always. Miss late she was. And this man, walked towards me. He asked us if he could join us for a while. The man looked elegant somewhere in his late thirties or early forties. Tanay was suspicious, but I let him stay. He introduced himself as Nitin Sahney, a writer and a journalist. He told us he was doing a story on teenagers that is why he wanted to talk to us.

I dont know, but I liked the flair with what he talked. He asked us if we could spend an hour or so every week with him. Tanay dint seem to mind. Sukriti seemed enthusiastic. I was somehow a little confused.
When I told mumma about the incidence, she told me to never see that man again. I am skeptical. Mumma always encourages to interact with people. But why all of sudden she was so stern and telling me "not to talk to strangers"? Weird it is.
I have never seen her so rigid before. Except when I last time asked her whereabouts of my father. All she said was he wanted to kill me before I was born so they separated.

Does this name Nitin Sahney got something to do with it?

I need to know.

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Aditya Nandode said...

Thats a serious subject for a diary, will it have a sequel?

Sanjay said...

OMG! Will agree with Aditya. Good one.

Apoyando said...

Next is what..dying to know !

Gaurav Kant Goel said...

Waiting for its sequel!! :)

Sourav !!! said...

An Ekta Kapoor in the making, it seems .. though u still left me with the curiosity and hence the trouble (read:reason) to come back to this blog !! :P

Take care :) love with me and life

Anand said...

1st time here. Hi. Well, sometimes to live on the edge gives u the talkin to complete strangers when they approach u etc. but statistics wise...ur safer being away frm them. Thr r a whole lotta wierdos all around.
Ill be back to read more of ur diary. :)

яノςんム said...

Thank you people for this lot of looking forward :)

Ekta Kapoor? Naw! I aint bringing anyone back form the dead :D

яノςんム said...

@ Anand,
If you havent noticed, This is a Fiction blog.. Thanks anyways for your comment ;)

sublimefeeling said...

hi richa... i knew you spin the words beautifully and now happened to see them..
wonder how i missed reading ur blogs..:))
Best Luck..!!