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Saturday, 17 March, 2012

The Guest- II

Read Part 1 here.

He is ruffling his hair dry with a white towel while walking out from the bathroom. My white towel. I see he has made himself comfortable around the house, using my things. This towel is going with him.
I hand him a plate of fresh pancakes and a large cup of coffee. He smiles while I grab my breakfast from the kitchen slab and take the chair opposite to his.

'What did you tell your wife, where were you going?' I ask him casually.
'She knows I am here. In fact, she insisted me to visit you.'
'She's that cool? Are you impotent?'
'I have two kids.' He is smiling.
'So, how does that prove you're potent?'
'They resemble me.'
'I might not let you go back after all.'
'Given your past record, that sounds a little not possible.'
'I am a changed person.'
'I've been missing you a lot lately. The wife told me to visit you. She was the one to find out your hibernation address.'
'I'm not hibernating.' I sip my coffee.
'Your cooking has become tastier.'
'Your grammar still sucks.'
 He chuckles.

Part 3, soon.

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vivek v s said...

nice begining, but keep a balance between gravity of charactors as it move ahead. the single woman after 30 and married man after 40 kind of stuff is okey but you should have to inseart some unseen , unexplained feelings in each of them. two kids that resemble him and the hybernating single woman most probably a writer journalist, or someone comfortable with the family money, all is well but what i expect to read is a cross section of the contemporary life. what happens to single women while they move ahead with age. would there be point at which they break. i need to get that breaking point in every single woman ( hope you work it out very well)