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Tuesday, 13 March, 2012

The Guest- Pilot

Walking the narrow path down the hill to my home, I today think of the day I walked this way the first time. I instantly liked the house and the pavement that led to it. Calm, green and standing lonely. All what I wanted and needed.

My eyes get stuck on an oak tree. An old, withered tree and I see a burrow underneath that tree. A bunny is sitting cozy. I smile. Taking my eyes of the bunny, I continue walking towards the house. A human figure is visible sitting on the porch. I can't make out who, from the distance. I am not expecting anyone to show up. 

Looks like a man, who is looking away. All I can see is his back. A check shirt in blue and white. I continue walking.

He turns. He must have heard my footstep approaching the house and crushing of the dry leaves. I stop. Not that I am shocked or happy or even sad to see this face in such a long time. A smiling face. A little withered and old than last time I remember setting eyes on this face. The same eyes.

I stand there for a few minutes looking at that face while he shifts in his sitting position waiting for me to make a move. There is nothing going on in my mind. Probably the mind is adapting to that sight. Very much like the eyes adapt to sudden darkness or sudden light. 

'How long have you been sitting here?' I finally walk towards him. 
'For 2 hours, 48 minutes to be precise' He is looking at this wrist watch.
I seat myself beside him. None of say anything for a few minutes, looking in no direction in particular. Looks like we are absorbing each others' presence.
'How long are you going to stay?' I look at his luggage. An expensive Louise Vuitton travel bag that looks stuffed.
'As long as you let me.' He is looking at me. 
'Got no work?'
'Work has been going on since forever and will keep on going.'
'You'll have to sleep on the couch.'
'No problem with that.' He is still smiling.
'Do not expect me to take your luggage inside'. I am unlocking the door.
He chuckles and follows me inside the house strolling his LV.

Next part, soon.

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