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Tuesday, 15 December, 2009

Forever- II

There was an instant bonding between Rohan and Amrita. Happy was happy to be their friend. Being a topper, he had hardly had any friends.

Rohan made them go for movies, Amrita made them eat and Happy forced them to attend the lectures. The trio was happening and studying both together.

While Rohan was a chatter box, Amrita was a listener. He used to go talking for hours and Amrita would listen to him very patiently. He would tell her about his ambitions, his dreams, his plans, his family and what not and Amrita would lend him an ear, she was turning out to be a vessel Rohan could empty himself into.

Their connection was getting stronger with every passing day.

Rohan dint tell Amrita of the attraction he felt towards her but he never failed to convey her that she was his closest friend.

He was aware of the huge social distance between the two families and he was afraid of the status Amrita's father had in the city. She came from a renowned family while Rohan was an ordinary middle class guy who had the responsibilities of a father-less family. Amrita too was sensitive to the consequences of their relationship of more than friendship.

Each day brought them closer. Amrita would look forward to each new day to see Rohan and discover yet another aspect of his versatile personality. She found him a friend, a buddy, a very lively person who could see her soul through her eyes.

Second semester approached and the college trip was announced to Shimla.

They were both eager for the trip as they knew deep down that their intimacy will certainly grow during the outing.
Happy too was excited, for this time he had friends to accompany him.

It was the second day of the trip.

Rohan and Happy were ready for the outing and they dashed into Amrita 's room.

'I am not feeling well guys, I am staying back at the hotel, you should go ahead with others for the excursion.' Amrita said in a sleepy tone, she was ducked in the blanket.

'I am staying with Amrita' Rohan said to Happy.

'Its time you should tell her about your feelings' whispered Happy in Rohan ears and marched out of the room shouting back to Amrita 'I am not letting you spoil my day, and you get well till the time I come back or I kill you.'

'He is a fool' smiled Rohan at Amrita as he walked towards her.

While they talked this and that, Amrita felt an unusual uneasiness in Rohan's behaviour.

'What is bothering you?' she shot at him.

Rohan dint say anything, he just lay his head in Amrita's lap. She knew this had to happen, she answered by keeping her head and holding on to his back. Nothing was said, and nothing was left unsaid. They were both absorbed into each other and noting else mattered at that moment. The corners of their eyes went wet. They were together into a relationship that would last 'forever'.

Next and most probably the concluding part coming soon..

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Aditya Nandode said...

Nice! Emotional! Involving!

Mayz said...

wow!!! that was beautifully expressed!!!

яノςんム said...

thnx peeps :)