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Sunday, 13 December, 2009

Forever.. The Pilot

‘I must run or I am gonna be late for the first class’ Rohan thought to himself as he pulled out the stand of his bike in the parking area on the first day of hid Post grad.

As he reached the classroom, he was panting. To his relief, the class had not started yet. He walked inside the class room and neared one of the most nerd looking guy. ‘I should befriend nerd guys to make sure I study to cover up for my grad results.’ He patted his own back for this smart thought though for one second he was thinking of fun he would be missing devoting all is time to studies.

'Hi! I am Rohan, did my B.Tech from SRG College.' He held out his hand towards that guy. ‘I am Happy Sharma, B.Tech University topper' the reply came as happy shook hands with Rohan. He was amazed to look at Rohan. He had an air of mischief.
Can I sit with you?’ Rohan asked Happy. ‘Ok, only if you can keep your mouth shut during the lecture’ said Happy.

Rohan was about to say something, but then decided not to and fell on the bench besides Happy. ‘If you need to get a good job, you have to kill the happiness inside yourself Rohan and study’ he scolded himself.

Only then, he was awestruck at an innocent face entering the class Rohan could not take his eyes off her. Those curly eye lashes, those silky hair reaching the waist of her jeans. So simple and yet so beautiful… And she smiled at him. ‘Could someone just jinx you with their smile?’ he was wondering smiling back at her as she approached him.

‘Hi! I am Amrita’, that melodious voice was enchanting him even more.
He is Rohan and I am Happy- University Topper in B.Tech’ and Happy stretched out his hand towards Amrita before Rohan could reply. She took Happy’s hand and shook so warmly, Rohan could feel envy growing inside him.

Amrita held out hand towards Rohan too and he took it, only managing a ‘Hi!’

His spell was only broken with a clearing of throat by the professor while entering the class.
‘Welcome class to the first day of your Diploma in Business Management…’ Rohan could concentrate only this much to the professor as he failed to not notice Amrita sitting on the next bench.

Next Part coming soon..

P.S. This is not just another ordinary love story, but inspired from a true incidence.

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ANWESA said...

u'v whetted my appetite...i want the next part soon......

Aditya Nandode said...

Dm me, did she take a sit next to Rohan! Curious to read ahead!

яノςんム said...

@ Anwesa
:) thnx bud :) soon soon :)

яノςんム said...

@ Aditya,
patience.. have u ever known this word? :P

How do we know said...

jaldi jaldi jaldi...

Anonymous said...

Okay, I need to read the next part too. :| That was a kicky start!