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Sunday, 20 December, 2009

Forever...- The Conclusion

Time was lingering, weaving them together more tightly. They became inseparable.

It was their third semester and Rohan was among the first few people to get placed.
He got a nice package in an MNC and locally. He was very happy and even happier was Amrita. She too was looking forward for her placement besides her families' pressure of not appearing for them, they wanted to get her married in a decent family as soon as possible as they still dint know of Rohan and her relationship. She dint want to tell them by the time her final semester was over. She was trying every hook and crook to keep her parents from getting her engaged, reasoning them that she wanted to work for sometime and not waste her education.

Happy too had been placed in retail sector and he was over excited to have friends and a job that payed well.

Their last semester approached and it was time to bid adieu to the college. Rohan joined his job and Amrita too found a job in a bank through her father's reference. They had decided to announce their relationship after an year of their respective careers. They knew Amrita's family would have problems initially, but a Little effort will calm them down ultimately.

They were both happy. Rohan was now earning and helping his working mother to get some rest. Amrita was now feeling independent and assuming her responsibilities towards Rohan's family. She knew Rohan's partnership is not going to be a bed of roses for her as she was used to a leisure life but she wanted to be with him and was ready for anything that came in their way.

And something did come in their way. It had just been a few months of their blooming careers when Rohan met with an unfortunate accident that took his right arm.

Amrita did not lose her strength, she stood by him all the time in the hospital, she quit her job, took his care, made him eat, washed him, talked to him, consoled him, and most of all loved him.
Rohan was astonished at her perseverance.

One day at the hospital when she could not control and broke down in Rohan's presence.

"Amrita thanks for everything you have done for me. I will be indebted to you forever for loving me to this extent, but now since I am incapable and handicapped, please go and don't spoil your life." Rohan turned his face away.

Amrita was stunned to hear all this.
All she could manage to reply was "Rohan, had I lost my arm, would you have left me??" and she walked out of the room.

He felt guilty and ashamed. When she came back in the evening to see him, he said he was sorry for what he said. Amrita gave him her brightest of smiles and just said "Rohan, some relationships are forever"...

P.S. As I said, this is a true incident happened to my friends. And I really am charmed by their fairy tale love story. By God's grace, they are now engaged to be married in next February.

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Aditya Nandode said...

Nice! Really emotional ending, good to know such people still exist on Earth. Congratulate them on my behalf. Plz!

ANWESA said...

It was a lovely read :)


all the best to your friends!!!

Shaili said...

awwww.... this is sweet... some relationships are forever.. inshallah :)