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Friday, 4 November, 2011

Black Money #Day4

I pull the drawer out and there he is. Smiling.
How dubious is that. The man who led a country to independence, the man who taught a country the importance of living a simple life, is the man who allures the countrymen to loot their motherland.

70 years ago, he was the man who encouraged my grandfather to get into politics to make this country a better place to live.
Today, he is the man, who encourages me everyday to make this country a less better place to live.

- A So Called 'Public Servant'

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Nimue said...

interesting irony !

Punkster said...

I actually believe that face on our currency note is a misprint. A misprint that cannot be undone.

Aurindam Mukherjee said...


Richa said...

@ Nimue indeed :)

@Punky, you bet :)

@Aurindam thank you. I am trying. :)

Live2cherish said...

i liked it.

Richa said...

@live2cherish :)

Anonymous said...

Irony our govt services, here politicians may be corrupt but the bureaucracy and the red tape is damaging more of us than politicians to be precise

Richa said...

@meethimirchi, exactly.