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Sunday, 6 November, 2011

The Goblet #Day6

He could smell her somewhere near. He could smell she was hurt and fighting for breath. 
There she was, behind that Spruce tree, lying in the muddle of water. Cold water. 
He picked her in his arms and rushed towards the house. He kicked open the heavy door and laid her down. She was too feeble. Just enough to point to that direction.
He nodded in a 'No'. He could not give it to her.
She wanted it. She needed it to live.
That would make her a beast all over again.
But he loved his sister way to much to let turn into beast than let her die.

The Goblet of blood was drained into her. 

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Punkster said...

That calls for a bro salute!

Richa said...

*bows* :) thank you Punky!

Anonymous said...

love fulfilled with gratification

Richa said...

:) mazza