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Monday, 21 November, 2011

Sunday #Day21

The otherwise murky neighborhood was busy in their everyday dull routine. They walked down the road, chatting lazily. It was Sunday. The day off. The day when getting drunk with Sun up was a tradition. The day of making some extra money or even losing their whole week's earnings in card games. They discussed women of the colony, categorizing them into convenient and not accessible.
It was turning out a lazy Sunday. Only, if they got lucky today, they can feast tonight on some chicken. Thought of chicken made them salivate.
It was when a speeding truck hit them from behind. There was blood on the road.

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Anonymous said...

stunned with the end, indeed life is too short it just take moment to change our lives :)

Punkster said...

Some chicken's bhataktee aatma heard their thoughts.

Loved the discriptive narration.

Richa said...

@meethimirchi, life is unpredictable :)

@punky, lol may be :D

Nimue said...

reminds of a video though the story is different .. but yet setting is same.. will search and send the link ...