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Thursday, 10 November, 2011

Togetherness #Day10

Back then: She was naive. He was enthusiastic.
Now: She is wise. He is accomplished.

Back then: She had a candid smile. He had bright eyes.
Now: She has an enlightening smile. He has fulfilled eyes.

Back then: She was callow. He was ambitious.
Now: She is refined. He is self actualized.

Back then: They were a perfect couple.
Now: They are a perfect couple.

The only thing that remains unchanged over years is LOVE and togetherness. 

P.S. This one is dedicated to my lovely parents, who set the best example of love in front of me, built and keep my faith in the 'institution of marriage' intact. :)

P.P.S. It is an amazing feeling that I've succesfully published 10 posts. Shutter Inspired Micro Shots is 10 days down. Another 20 to go! Cheers!!

7 Wisecracks (Comment here):

ayesha said...

wow! Makes me want to know more about their beautiful relation :p You've so beautifully summed it up in those few lines!

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

beautiful.. I loved the way you have compared :) Short and lovely :)

Thank you for the comment :) I'm surely bringing turns to the story :P

Richa said...

@Ayesha, thanks a lot. :) will tell you more someday :D

@Philo, Thanks a lot. Looking fwd to yours. :)

Punkster said...

Our folks are so damn good.
God bless em.

Richa said...

@Punky, :) indeed

Nimue said...

best of all i read this month .. how did i miss it before !

Richa said...

@Nimue :) thanks a lot