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Sunday, 20 November, 2011

The Valley #Day20

He applied brakes, dragged a little and frictioned his feet to stop. He unmounted his Royal Enfield and parked it on the edge of the road. Then, he took off his helmet. He turned towards the valley and spread his arms like he wanted to hug the entire valley. He breathed in the pine trees and the beautiful purple sky line. 
He was home. This was his home. He could die right away without any regrets.
He smiled at random tourists around and exchanged a few chit chats with them for a few minutes.
He, then, sat on a rock on the edge and took out his drawing book and pencil. A pretty face sketched itself on the blank page in the matter of minutes.

This face was familiar. The face from the drawing book actualized itself into a human figure and smiled at him. She looked so serene. Before he could get up and approach that woman from the drawing book, she jumped off the road and faded away into the valley.

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Anonymous said...

what's with gals obsession with Bullet these days..?

and loved this... and this is my dream to live a life like this :)

Thx for sharing .. miss my bullet my life :)

Nimue said...

sweet .. nostalgic !

Punkster said...

I love this photo.
Also, a well-developed story.

Richa said...

@meethimirchi, Bullet <3

@Nimue :)

@Punky, thanks :)