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Saturday, 5 November, 2011

Music of Life #Day5

Every passenger in the coup turned their necks as the silky voice reached their ears.
The otherwise snoring train compartment came to life as the guy who looked like a nomad, also dressed like one, sang song after song.

Everyone was enjoying, clapping with every clump of the stringy instrument he had. As soon as he finished singing, he spread out his dirty amber cloth for collecting deserved prize money for entertaining people.

Many people who were dancing a few seconds back went back to snoring and others started advising him 'kama kar khaao...'

He unfolded his white cane and started moving towards the next compartment in the hope of a better lot of people he could entertain.

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Punkster said...

Surprisingly, these people who sing in trains sound so darn good.

PS- Did he sing "Pardesi pardesi jaana nahin" ? #JustCurious

Richa said...

haha, sab gawa denge ;)

Nimue said...

wow pic ! and totally rocking story ..

Richa said...

thank you nimue :)

Anonymous said...

I still remember a 7-8 yrs old kid boarding my compartment and singing Kannada folk song i was so impressed by the way one gentleman in gave him address and asked him to visit with his parents, so that he could sponsor him for training on classical singing

Richa said...

@meethimirchi, really? that is such a noble thing :)