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Sunday, 27 November, 2011

The Journey #Day27

She looked out of the door. The train looked beautiful in those lights under the star lit sky. The rail tracks telling thousand of stories of hundreds of trains that make their way to their destinations rolling on them.
She wasn't sure whether to step down or not. She had pulled the chain a few minutes ago from the aisle so that nobody knew who did it.
She ran her fingers through her dirty, rough, tangled hair and jumped off the train. She dint know what station was it, what city or town. Her journey had not finished. She had taken up a new journey in the middle of the ongoing one.

P.S. Another 3 days to go! :)

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Anonymous said...

every journey is beginning of new journey :) ...

P.S. I think you should update to 365

Punkster said...

I love this photo.
And you really nail your pieces with those last lines.

Richa said...

@ Meethimirchi, :) 365 is very demanding! :)

@ Punky, thanks :)

Nimue said...

And who said , journeys ever end as we expect :)

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