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Tuesday, 29 November, 2011

Home #Day29

Your mother has written to you more than thousand times. Your father has told you over hundred times on the phone. Your siblings have been asking you the same everyday over video conferences. 
But you've been too busy, stuck with work, engaged in earning, making a living.
Not only your family, but you house misses you too. Come back, my son. You've spent 20 years of your life here, and you can very well spend the rest here too. Like everyone else is. 
Don't you miss being with your family, being in your own house?
Minting money was never a priority for this family. Your own country misses you. 
Come back.

P.S. Season Finale tomorrow. :)

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Anonymous said...

Toone paisa bahut kamaaya, 
is paise ne desh chhudaaya
desh parayaa chodd ke aaja
panchhi pinjra todh ke aaja 
aaja umra bohat hai choti 
apne ghar main bhi hai roti  .... :)

In search of money and worldly pleasures we lose out on the best treasures of our lives

Richa said...

exactly what i was thinking while writing this one :)

Nimue said...

damn ! i thought of the lines that Nabeel mentioned , after i read the post ..

TheBluntBlogger said...

Came here through Nabeel and I too second what he said....reminds me of Naam movie and how pathetic it is to not be in India :-/

Cheers to your blog...I like <3

Zeba said...

Away from family. Sigh.

Punkster said...

Your perspective make you an awesome writer. =)