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Sunday, 13 November, 2011

Pumps #Day13

This pair of pumps is jinxed. One of the most expensive pair I ever bought. Whenever I wear them, I trip. 

Also, no matter how many times I clean them, the heels are always dirty. So dirty that I can't tolerate.  Leather. Animal Skin. 

I have a theory. They come to life when I am not looking. They walk on their own. They visit places I'd never do in my conscious mind.
Where else would they get this dirt from? Why is there blood on them? 

They used the skin to make a pair of footwear. But the animal lived on.

P.S. I have gotten rid of this pair.

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Nimue said...

glad i only wear flats ! ;)

Punkster said...


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Anonymous said...

The ghost of your Heels :D , it was spook tho just like Tarzan the wonder car ...